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Built for DURABILITY, enabling you to stay VISIBLE, SAFE and COMFORTABLE.

Innovation and attention to detail are significant parts of what makes VELTUFF® a preferred choice. Right from the thread type through to each individual zipper and button, every piece of workwear is meticulously designed with features that deliver protection, durability and comfort. SEE OUR PRESENTATION VIDEO BELOW:

Quality Assured-Manufacturers

At VELTUFF, we are committed to providing you with products that offer great quality and value without compromising on safety. As such, we only source products from quality-assured manufacturers in order to ensure your complete peace of mind.

Six Month Warranty

Given a six month warranty, hard wearing materials, consistency in every detail and a huge collection of design models in all sizes and colours, VELTUFF is the Brand you can trust!

Packaged for Each Employee-Man Pack

From top to toe we ease the logistics required to keep your staff smart and safe. Alongside our online ordering portal we have a wealth of experience distributing VELTUFF uniforms, workwear and safety shoes to the employees of large corporations. We meticulously pack and co-ordinate the delivery of orders in individual packages, clearly marking each with the employees name. It really is easier with ManPack™.

Sets Standards Of The Future

The goal was not only to satisfy the demand of the customer, but to exceed in every way all their expectations of quality work wear. This goal has created a considerable European success. We understand the markets, we observe the trends and we envision the challenges of tomorrow. This is how we carry on developing the Brand that sets standards of the future.

We produce the best

Every detail is controlled and corrected where neccesary.

100% Veltuff Standard

Every detail is controlled and corrected where neccesary. The manufacturing of new models only commences when we are satisfied that fit, textile, thread, zip, buttons and everything else is nothing less than 100% VELTUFF standard

Brand it with VELTUFF

Personalisation. Presenting a positive, lasting impression of your brand is essential, which is why VELTUFF offers a range of services to help you achieve a consistent finish every time. It’s so simple! Supply your logo Choose the position

The History of VELTUFF™

During its 50+ year history VELTUFF™ has successfully supplied millions of industrial workwear garments

Founded in Northampton

BACA was founded by Lewis Calder in a garage in Northampton, England. The company traded with guaranteed disease-free cattle, hence the name Brucellosis Accredited Cattle Agency = BACA.

Moved into workwear

BACA has expanded the concept of BACA SAFETY & WORKWEAR and started to negotiate quality workwear and safety footwear.


Lewis Calder established DUTCH DIRECT, which imported quality cattle from Holland, Denmark and Germany.

VELTUFF Real Workclothes

BACA SAFETY & WORKWEAR, has created its own brand, VELTUFF™ Real Workclothes. with an elephant as a logo. This would symbolize roughness and longevity, which were the primary values.

New buildings in Northampton

BACA SAFETY & WORKWEAR has purchased new buildings in Northampton with offices and huge warehouses.

BACA in Denmark

Jim Calder, Elder son of Lewis Calder, traveled to Denmark with his family to establish BACA in Denmark. It became BACA WORKING DIRECT and started in his garage in Lyngby.

New buildings in Denmark

BACA Workwear has purchased new buildings in Brøndby with offices and large warehouses.

BACA in Sweden

BACA has established a department in Stockholm and has intensified its efforts in the Swedish market.


The BENELUX department established in the Netherlands. The BACA group had 75 employees and started to deliver to large groups with branches across Europe.

50 Years of business

We celebrated our 50th anniversary with branches in Denmark, Sweden, Holland and England, and over 100 employees.

New Danish Headquarters

The Danish headquarters of BACA moved into a new 4100 m2 office, while completing a complete modernisation of its warehouse and IT infrastructure. All of this is part of the strategy to build delivery capacity and facilitate continued growth.

Germany & France

Two new departments opened in Germany and France.

Northampton expansion

A new warehouse was acquired in Northampton, England, to continue plans for the significant expansion.

New Preston shop

A new shop and showroom to support the North of England opened on 1st June.


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