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The VELTUFF Guide To Warm Winter Workwear

15th December 2019

When working in cold, pressing environments, it can be easy to add layer upon layer with the intention of staying at a comfortable temperature. Whilst wrapping up through a number of garments is often considered enough, staying warm boils down to much more including choice of material, base layers, and suitability for purpose.

As winter looms, employers and their workers can store away their thin waterproofs and lighter fabrics in preparation for fleeces, thermal base layers and insulated workwear solutions.

On top of blocking out colder temperatures, conditions may often require protective equipment and gear to help combat visibility issues and hazard risk.

From top to bottom, head to toe, here are the workwear essentials to think about this winter.



Beanies make for a popular choice when outdoors, helping to retain heat and keep workers comfortable. They offer high quality through very little material, meaning they can sit below hard hats and protective helmets without nuisance. Their use extends outside work also, giving employers further incentive to brand and embroider beanies when in use publically.


Base Layers: 

Base layers are crucial in helping your torso to stay dry, helping to alleviate excess moisture during periods of activity. Thermal vests are particularly helpful in regulating body temperature which not only aids productivity but reduces fatigue.


Fleeces and Jackets: 

When it comes to adding second and third layers, fleeces and jackets are essential for workers in need of wind-resistant, water-resistant and tumultuous elements. For drivers, warehouse and airport staff, fleeces are often popular solution thanks to their breathability, tailored fit and thermal layering systems, like the VELTUFF® HV5328 Class 3 Contrast 5-in-1 Jacket with its warm fleece lining.

For more severe conditions involving landscaping, road and building sites, for example, workwear decision-makers should look out for features such as hi-vis, reflecting bands, padded collars and hoods.



In winter, workers require gloves with a dual purpose, able to provide long-lasting warmth and comfort, along with suitability for manual handling and cold conditions. 



There are a variety of hardworking trouser solutions that are designed with comfort and durability in mind. Common features such as a semi-elasticated waistline, triple-stitched areas and knee pad pockets are often desirable qualities, but in winter, those purchasing should seek out clothing that draws sweat and moisture away from the skin, notably quick-drying fabric and synthetic material such as polyester.



Finding a sock that combines working capacity and heat-holding ability is easier than most think with most thermal socks offering reinforced heel and toe, as well as gentle grip.



In winter, footwear must be meet standards of toughness, interior comfort and weather resistance. Depending on suitability for purpose, VELTUFF® boots and trainers are designed from these criteria, helping your feet to stay warm and dry.

Where buyers must be alert is of thermal workwear compliancy, and notably, EN 342 which accounts for approved protection against cold temperatures including insulation, breathability and permeability.  

EN 343 is another code which employers may encounter, and more specifically will provide an X (Resistance to Water Penetration 1-3) or Y (Garment Breathability 1-3).

VELTUFF Managing Director, Marc Calder, has some top tips for high performing safety workwear ideal for the winter months to ensure workers stay safe and seen.

He said: “It’s a case of looking at the product’s functionality and comfort for the end-user. Its critical safety wear is durable and comfortable so the wearer is protected from the elements, which is vital during winter when working outdoors.  Companies should ensure that all clothing and accessories they provide for their workforce complies with necessary European standards, is fit for purpose and is of a high quality so it performs time and again.”

VELTUFF stocks a diverse selection of workwear, all of the highest safety standard. Ensure you are bright, visible and comfortable this winter. 


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